Keep Moving Forward. Pushing Past the Fear and Anxiety

It’s hard sometimes to feel like we can move forward when it seems the world is weighing us down. Whether it’s the day to day stresses of life or a more intense level of fear or anxiety. How can we push through?

And sometimes, just when it seems like things are going pretty well from an emotional standpoint…Bam. Something or someone or even seemingly nothing at all, can send us into a downward spiral. How do we respond?  It can be easy to let our minds just “go there”. But I don’t want my mind to “go there”. I want my mind to be free, full of peace and strong.

One thing that helps me when I feel like my anxiety is getting the best of me and I am becoming fearful is to stop. Recall that in the past this feeling has come and eventually gone and it will go again. I take a deep breath. Use my essential oils if I have them handy. Try to recall helpful scriptures. Distraction also helps. I try to remember my determination about wanting to live life fearlessly. I want to be UNAFRAID. I can be. You can be.

For those of you who have issues with this as well, let’s give each other a fist bump…and say, “You go, girl (or boy)! You got this. We are courageous and strong!”

We may get knocked down a couple of times on our  journey to living fearlessly…but don’t give up. Take a few minutes to watch this clip from the movie, Rocky Balboa. (Fyi…I am a big Rocky Fan. Also,  This is Us fans may recognize a familiar face.)

Keep moving foward!

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