Serenity Sunday: Photo from The Outer Banks

My family and I have a favorite vacation spot that we frequent most summers. For one week out of the year we go to the Outer Banks, NC.  It is a busy vacationing spot but despite that the beaches are not super crowded.  Unlike other popular beaches on the east coast, the Outer Banks is a bit more serene.  While it doesn’t have the typical boardwalk, mega shopping areas that other places might have, it does have a chill vibe.  I am not a beach person per se. I don’t sun bathe, I don’t even swim in the ocean. I may get my feet wet. But I love being there anyway. The sounds, the smells and the beautiful scenery of the Outer Banks bring me back nearly every year.

When I need a little escape from my day to day, I often visit websites that have photos of my favorite place. I have discovered this wonderful photographer, Roy Edlund, who calls himself, The OBX Beach Bum.  His claim to fame is his Mostly Good Beach Photography, as he refers to it.  He takes daily photos all around the Outer Banks, posts them on his site and social media accounts.  You can view and buy his photos from the site.  I have a framed black and white collection in my home right now.  It is just beautiful!

I have said all of that to say this…I will be posting photos periodically (or perhaps regularly, not sure yet).


Here is the first one I’d like to share .

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