Partial Book Review: Kathie Lee Gifford, The Rock, The Road, and the Rabbi.

Are you looking for a new book to read? One that can help you grow spiritually? Check out Kathie Lee Gifford’s latest book entitled, The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi. My Journey into the Heart of Scriptural Faith and The Land Where it All Began.  She takes us on a journey to learn more about the original text of the scriptures in the Hebrew and Greek languages and their meanings. Using visual imagery, she describes the sights she saw while in Israel. This really helps  bring to life  and give a new and deeper understanding of the scriptures and of God himself.

I got all of this just by listening to the Free Audio Sample of The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi that was recorded by Kathie Lee Gifford, herself.  I listened to this the other day and was glad I did. I could feel the love and passion Kathie has for the Lord and sharing the message of the gospel.  I was considering buying the hardcover book…and I still may, but I know for sure I want the audio version!  You can listen to a snippet of it yourself, for free here.

Release date is March 6th, but you can pre-order today.

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