Fearless Faith?


Faith is very important to me. Lots of people have faith, however.  But faith in what? Or who? For me my faith lies in God. While we all have different beliefs about God Himself, I will clarify that I believe in Jesus. I’ll share more on that in the future. For now back to faith in God in general.  I live my life with the belief that God has got my back. That no matter what happens He is right there with me. There for the good and the not so good and the down right horrific.

I don’t know specifically why awful things happen to us or to anyone. But even more so to those who believe in Him. There are lots of reasons but the one thing I do know for sure is that my faith in Him is of great comfort during those difficult times.  When I am at point where I am fearful of what might occur, I try to stop and think that He is here with me no matter what. And just like the not so great things that happened in the past, I somehow managed to get through them, I will somehow get through this as well.

So part of my living fearlessly is remembering that I can trust Him to  catch me if I fall (or fall apart) and to help me get back up or put the pieces back together.  It may not look the same and it may take some time to get used to but we carry on trying NOT to be afraid.

Am I always successful at being fearless, heck no!  How about you? Do you have fearless faith?


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