Behavior Modification: How to Change Your Behavior to Accomplish Your Goals



With the New Year upon us, we often look forward to the things we want to do or accomplish. We may set up lofty goals for the year. Be it lose weight, get in shape, save money, spend more time with family or friends or find ways to get the self-care we so desperately need.  Whatever it may be the one thing that is needed for all of these things to be enacted is behavior modification.

If we want anything new to happen in our lives we often have to change our behavior. If we want to lose weight we need to modify the types and quantity of foods we eat. If we want to save money we need to modify our spending habits. If we want to spend time with family or friends we need to modify our time management. You get the idea.

In theory we know what we need to do but often times we struggle to do so. We may be gung-ho for a couple of weeks with our plan, but after a while we start to slip back into our old habits. Experts say it takes a minimum of 21 to a maximum of 66 days to form a new habit and for it become automatic. So for those few weeks or so, we really have to make an effort in order to create this new positive habit in our lives.

If we can just look at it as simply something we have to do for just  21 to 66 days,  perhaps it wouldn’t be such a struggle.  Most of us can manage to do something for 3 or 4 weeks, right? Once it becomes a habit, we no longer have to think about it and it is much easier.

So, I challenge you and myself to begin today.

  • Figure out the things you want to change, improve, incorporate or kick this new year.
  • Write them down.
  • Share them with a friend and make yourself accountable to someone else.
  • Pin your list in a place where you will see it daily to help keep yourself motivated.
  • Determine what behavior you need to modify to achieve your goal.
  • Visualize the end result of this new habit. (Ex. Picture that extra cash in your bank account. Or the scale reading 15lbs less.)
  • Recommit to it daily.
  • Pray for strength to stick with it.
  • Forgive yourself if you slip back into old habits. Dust yourself off and begin again.

For some of us, starting small maybe the way to go. For others, go big or go home. You know yourself better than anyone. Set yourself up for success and surround yourself with those who support you in your efforts.

You got this!

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What Does It Mean to Live Fearlessly?

conquer fear everyday

What is Living Fearlessly?

I started this blog to help encourage not only you, but me, to Live Fearlessly.  But what does that really mean?  I think it can mean different things to different people. For me living fearlessly doesn’t mean living unafraid, but going for it in spite of any fear.  We can try to will ourselves all we want to not have fear, but sometimes it is there nonetheless.

For me, I have been dealing with anxiety that caused me to hold back in my life. To limit my options.  To let fear rule the day. To not live life to the fullest and I don’t want to be like that anymore. I want to live my life in freedom.

Some of us live with fear of failure and that causes us to not go for it. For others it may be fear of rejection or worrying about what others may think of us.  Just think for a minute of all the things you would have done, places you would have gone, if you hadn’t let fear or anxiety take over.


How Can We Breakthrough?

So what can we do to breakthrough and move beyond our fear?

  • Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Limit contact with those who tend to tear you down.
  • Say positive things to yourself each day.
  • Give to others. By doing this, it builds up not just them, but you as well. (Read Doing Good for Others Provides Benefit for Us)
  • Make a list of Goals. Include the things you have wanted to do, but have previously let fear hold you back from them. Have Daily, Weekly, Monthly goals. Write them down or put them on your phone. Set alarms to remind you of them.
  • Listen to music that moves or inspires you.
  • Talk with God. Pray, read His word if that is something you believe in.

Having a plan can help you get on track to live the life you have always wanted. Full of freedom and fear-free!  We can do this!


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It’s Been a While….

blank page and fountain pen


It is has been a couple of weeks since I have made a blog entry.  Why? Well, I have been busy, but in reality I have also been uninspired, lacked motivation, feeling, well…blah.  I thought about why I sometimes feel so inspired to write and other times not so much. After a good bit of thought, I determined it is a couple of things.

First, I haven’t been doing any reading. I would often read books and would find some nuggets of goodness that would spark a little something in me that would cause me to write. Also  I haven’t been reading my bible. It has literally been weeks. Now, I listen to Christian radio daily, (KLOVE) but have lacked a connection with God via His Word. My prayer life has been lacking as well. And lastly, I haven’t been attending church for weeks now. I didn’t realize it, but often times my creative juices just don’t seem to flow when I am not involved with or connected to God.

So with that being said, it made me think of other areas in my life.  What happens in them when I am not in sync with the Lord?  It honestly didn’t occur to me that so much of what makes my life full and prosperous stems from my relationship with Him.   All of my relationships with others, my work and even my leisure. So today, I am vowing to get back in touch.  Make a consorted effort to “Seek Him First”.

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How Dark Days Can Make Us More Appreciative of The Bright Days


Thought for the day: How the dark and dreary days can make us more appreciative of the bright days.  Take a listen.

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How Setbacks Can Be a Set-up for Success


Encountering a Setback

Have you ever made a decision to do something positive for yourself or others? Making changes in your life and living fearlessly? You go along feeling good about what you are accomplishing then, BAM. You get blindsided with something that takes your breath away. It could be a bad medical diagnosis, a job loss, relationship issues, financial struggles. Whatever it is, it was something you didn’t expect or didn’t plan on.  The motivation you once had has either slowed or stopped completely.

Sometimes in life we experience setbacks. Take one step forward, then three steps back. It can seem as though getting ahead is impossible. I encourage you to stay the course. Eventually your forward steps will be greater than you backward steps. The times when you are tempted to quit, tempted to just forget about what you were trying to do, don’t. You can put your plan on hold for a minute or two if that is necessary, but don’t quit.


Take this time to re-evaluate and refocus your dream, your  goal, your motion.  Think about what was working before the setback. Identify those things. Then identify the things that weren’t working. Actions you took or words you spoke. Gain a new perspective.

 Move Forward

Begin again.  Take one step at a time and use what you have learned during the time of struggle to motivate you to move full steam ahead. View the setback as a set-up for success. Often times our greatest lessons come from failure, mistakes or any kind of setback. Keep pushing past the fear.

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