Too Much Drama. Is It Okay to Share?

woman hiding face in hands

Too Much Drama

You know the seasons of life when it seems like everything goes wrong and just when you think you are going to catch a break, the bottom falls out? Yeah. Me too.  I have tried to be a person who shies away from drama.  I would hear some people constantly complaining about all these awful things that keep happening to them, one after another. And I would think, “C’mon. There is no way all this is happening to you at once. And if it is, you must be doing something to bring it on. Just a drama lover.”

Well, I have since rethought those sentiments. When multiple things fell upon me and/or my family. All stress inducing things. The difference in me and “those other people,” is that I try not to talk about all of it much.  I guess that made me feel superior in some way. But my realization now is maybe that isn’t the right approach.  I mean, I am somewhat a private person and don’t like to share too many details of my “drama”. I often feel that others don’t really care about it or just don’t want to hear it.  But that might be an inaccurate perception on my part.

Is it Okay to Share?

The people I do confide in love me and care for me and sometimes just venting to them is a huge help. But somehow I feel like I am burdening others. What about you, do you ever feel like that?  I know there is one person who I can talk to and won’t judge or act indifferent to my problems. I talk to Him usually alone and in the quiet.  Even so, it is usually very cathartic in sharing our burdens with others.  Just for a listening ear.

What I have learned through this messy, difficult time is that we will ALL go through different seasons in our life. Some will be joyous, others heartbreaking. Some amazing, others horrible. We needn’t be afraid to share our hard times with others.  Find someone you trust to talk to. Just the simple act of sharing, can lighten our load. Yeah, it is okay to share.

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