A Life Uncertain, Where to Turn?

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A Life Uncertain

Uncertainty is something that is hard to grapple with. Whether it is in regards to your health or your job, your relationships or your finances. Confused about which direction to take in life. Not knowing or being certain that things are going to be okay. These are hard places to be. It is very uncomfortable.

But if you think about it, our lives in general are full of uncertainties. Even the things we feel are secure, could all change in an instant. Nothing is guaranteed in this life. We can take that thought and let it control our mind and cause us all kinds of anxiety and fear. Let it disrupt our joy and contentment. Or we can fully realize that we are never the ones in control anyway. Of anything.


What Was Meant For Evil

When we trust in the Lord, we can know that He has His best for us. Though things may not seem to go the way we would like, we can be certain that what was meant for evil, can be turned around and used for our good.  This verse in Genesis comes to mind.

Genesis 50:20 New King James Version (NKJV)

20 But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.


No matter what uncertainty life is throwing at you right now, hold tight. God has got you. Spend time talking to Him, reading His word, leaning on Him. No matter the circumstance, Jesus is right there with you. Holding your hand and wrapping His arms of love around you.

I encourage you to read the story of Joseph (coat of many colors) in the Old Testament beginning in Genesis 37. So many horrible things happened to this man, but he never gave up. All of the things that others meant for his demise, God turned it out for his good and for God’s glory.

Despite the uncertainties of life, we can know that our Heavenly Father has us in the palm of His hand. He loves us and has a plan for our lives. So shake off your uncertainties and place your trust in Him.




Product Review: Alera Shelving & Garment Rack

I recently bought this rack by Alera after wanting it for quite a while. I needed a place to store clothing, shoes and some boxes for a bedroom that doesn’t have a closet.  A friend of mine ordered one a couple of years ago and I was so impressed at the quality and capacity. I like to get everything for a deal, so I was a little hesitant as this was running for about $125. I waited a bit and I ended up getting it for a little less. It arrived at my home in a fairly modest size box.  I couldn’t image this would be the rack I envisioned. I took it out of the box, followed the fairly simple directions and had this bad boy put up in about 15 min. By myself. No help from the husband.  I am very pleased with this shelving and garment rack by Alera.  It  was well worth the money.

It holds a max capacity of 500lbs. With option for up to 350lbs. per shelf.  If you are looking for a sturdy solid garment rack with extras, I highly recommend this one. It really is a portable closet.

Adventurous? Who Me?


No one who knows me would call me adventurous.  I have usually lived my life pretty safe.   I am not one who likes to try new things such as kayaking, zip-lining or even driving down a road I am not familiar with.  I think a part of me has always been that way, but in recent years, my living “close to the vest” as the old saying goes, is more prevalent.  I am not sure when I started to feel less in the mood to take a risk.  Don’t get me wrong, I have taken risks in my life and things have often gone well. But there are certain times I am extremely hesitant.  My recent struggles with anxiety have exacerbated this.

Where am I now?

I am at a point in my life now where I don’t want to live fearful anymore. I want to be more spontaneous and adventurous, fearless. I owe it to my husband, my family and most of all to myself. Looking back at my life I can see areas where I was willing to take a risk and areas where I definitely was not. It helps me at this stage to realize I have taken risks before and I can do it again. Even take new risks!

One example of a risk I took was agreeing to move out of state, away from family and begin a new life together with my husband.  I had barely traveled out of state let alone LIVED in another state.  At that time in my life, I was willing to do so.  We had a young child back then and our work options were limited. We needed a change. So we made the move. We did have one family member who lived in our new area. That did help put me at ease some.  As it turned out, this was the best move we could have made. We have been in Virginia for over 20 years now and definitely call it home.

Being somewhat shy and lacking self-confidence I often felt unsure of the choices I made.  I was nervous to step out of my comfort zone, but I now realize it was those very uncomfortable things that helped me grow professionally as well as personally. The growth allowed me to have enough confidence and faith to start my own very small business as well as a blog several years ago.

While I did have emotional setbacks, I feel that am on the other side of that now. I can see how God can use our struggles and our pain to first, strengthen our relationship with Him and second, to allow us to have greater compassion for others and use our experiences to help them carry on.

Moving Forward

I know I have missed out on things in my life because of my lack of “risk” taking and I don’t want to live that way anymore. Part of the reason for this blog in the first place is to help me and hopefully help you to live life to the fullest. To live fearlessly. I don’t mean live stupidly. But to be able to live a life that is unafraid. A big inspiration for this new perspective is the song, Fearless by Jasmine Murray.

I say that I trust that God has got my back, but am I living that out? I hope so. Maybe one day people will say that I am adventurous. Fearless, even.


3 Ways to Simplify Your Life

3 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Is your life chaotic? Do you always seem to have more things to do than time in the day? You are not alone. Despite the technology that is supposed to make life easier and simpler for us, we are busier than ever. So how can we simplify our lives?  It all boils down to 3 things that we can do to lighten our load.


    • Delegate: Yes, delegate. Simply put, let others do it. I am not saying just give everything over to someone else to do. First off, you’d likely have resistance from others. Second, you do need to do somethings yourself.  Here is an example of how to effectively delegate. Let’s say you have a list of jobs that need to be done around the house. Laundry, dishes, organizing a closet, lawn mowing, weed pulling, dog walking, etc.  Think about the others that live in your house. Figure out which of these jobs they would likely do to your satisfaction (or at least good enough).  Assign them this job. Maybe your teenage son is a capable lawn mower or dog walker. Give him those jobs. Or your daughter can easily weed pull or do a couple loads of laundry. Maybe your spouse can walk the dog and do the dishes.  This helps to free up your time. You may find your family resistant to this at first. Change is hard but if you have help at home, use it.  This idea is great if you have others living in your home. However, if you live alone, consider hiring someone to do some of these things for you if your budget allows.
    • Organize Your Day. Make a schedule. Figure out if you want to do this daily, nightly or even weekly.  Try to plan your day in advance to accommodate everything you need to do. Make a list of what needs to be done. Do this on an app on your phone or old school, pen and paper. You can check off items as you do them. It’ll help you feel accomplished and keep you motivated to finish strong. This can work for your personal and professional life.
    • Just Say No. That’s right. Say no. This is a skill that for some, has to be honed. Often times, we have a hard time turning someone down when they ask us to do something for them. Join a group, stay late at work, carpool kids to soccer practice, run errands for someone else, buy something the neighbor kid is selling. Meet a friend for lunch.  It really is okay to say NO.  You don’t have to over schedule yourself. I am not saying to just cut everything out of your life, but you need to prioritize. Will meeting your friend for lunch be a positive thing for you overall? If this person is someone you enjoy hanging out with, the answer is likely yes. Will staying late at work for several nights be a good thing for you? Sure, you’ll get extra cash and maybe stay on your boss’s good side, but will your boss then assume you will stay every time you are asked? Will it interfere with your family time? Maybe. So prioritize and say no when you can, if you need to.

    Being mindful of your time can help you to get back to basics.  You need to take care of your physical and emotional health before helping anyone else. I am not saying you should shirk your responsibilities, but  just that you don’t have to be superwoman or superman. Give yourself a break. The overall message is prioritize. If you need a break, you can delegate, organize or just say no.