Some People Just Don’t Understand (Your Mental Health Struggles)

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They Don’t Understand

Have you every had a conversation with someone who doesn’t even begin to understand mental health issues? I was recently talking with a close relative about a mutual relative who suffers from depression periodically. She says that there are only 3 things to consider: “We either live in the past, the present or the future. When we focus on anything other than the present, it can cause anxiety or depression and one just has to stay in the present and they’ll be fine.” Sounds simple, right?

While there is some validity to that point, but she just doesn’t understand that mental health struggles are not simply a will of the mind. Often times, there are physical or emotional issues causing them. A hormone imbalance, chemical imbalance or a history of trauma. Her statement basically dismissed the reality of the struggle. Ugh. She is not someone who is open to understanding things she doesn’t know about, so I chose not to engage further in the conversation. For my own mental health!

With that being said, I am happy for her that she has never had to deal with the heavy weight of either depression or anxiety. In the past couple of years, talking with others who haven’t suffered, I have found that many of them just don’t understand. I don’t blame them, as it is something that is hard to fully comprehend or let alone truly explain to others.

What To Do? Where To Turn?

Don’t get angry with those who don’t “get” what you are going through. In the same way you may not “get” the struggles of someone going through cancer treatments or diabetic issues, others may not understand your trials.
Because of the disconnect at times, I think it is important that those of us who deal with depression or anxiety find someone who can relate or at the very least, empathize. There is nothing more difficult than to be dealing with a mental health issue and feel like no one understands or cares about what you are going through. What can you do?

  • Find a therapist to talk to.
  • Friends or family who are sympathetic.
  • Seek out websites, blogs, social media. There is a huge community of those dealing with mental health challenges and it is amazing the support you can find there.

The bottom line is we ALL have stuff we are going through. Most of us have no idea what the other person is dealing with. Find support where you can and choose to be kind to one another.

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18 thoughts on “Some People Just Don’t Understand (Your Mental Health Struggles)”

  1. Amazing advice. Love your blog and your insight! Mental health is incredibly important and definitely a subject that should be discussed and not taken lightly.

  2. Nice post. I agree. It can be very hurtful to feel misunderstood.

    But it’s also difficult for people to appreciate something they haven’t experienced fully. And it’s probably why we connect more strongly with those who share our experience.

  3. This is a very important thing to remember! Some people think they’re being helpful but in fact they lack some crucial understanding needed for true empathy in these situations.

    Thank you for writing this!

  4. Thank you for writing and sharing this.
    I think more people need to read this and know that everyone is different, and there’s not a simple remedy… or everything would probably be fine!! Lol.
    Mental health isn’t easy to deal with nor is it easy to remedy.
    Sending love xxx

  5. I agree that if you haven’t experienced the struggle personally or from taken care of someone who deals with it, then chances are you will not be able to understand, however, I would hope would have the will to empathize.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with you! You just never really know what a person is going through by just looking at them. I love how you said your family member just wasn’t going to get it and for your own mental health you left it alone. I think that you might have uncovered a secret there. Sometimes, we have to put our own health first and decide what to fight and what to let go. This can be a hard decision to make at times but a necessary one. I absolutely love your blog!

  7. This post is amazing! Being a anxiety sufferer myself, depression and eating disorder sufferer in the past I understand how frustrating it can be when someone doesn’t understand mental illness. I think we should all learn to be a little kinder to everyone because you never know what someone is going through 💕

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