Falling in Love With Jesus

Fall In Love with Jesus

Our Relationship

As a mere human and follower of Christ, my relationship with Him takes many forms. It looks and feels different to me at various times in my life. Sometimes I feel distant from Him, other times extremely close. Sometimes I barely talk to Him. Other times I am in constant communication.

In my heart, I know that regardless of how I feel or act towards Him, He is always right here with me. Whether times are good or bad (happy or sad), He will never forsake me.  That is a comforting feeling.  But I long for more. I long for a continual connection that I feel on my end.

A few years ago when I was going through some various struggles, I watched the movie, Son of God (from The Bible series).  It was during the season of lent. And for some reason, at that point in time, the revelation and the depiction of Christ’s love for us really touched me. It really felt that for the first time in my Christian walk,  I was falling in love with Jesus. I was fervently reading the Word and searching out scriptures and trying to get to know Him more. I felt this amazing connection that lasted for a while, but gradually dissipated as time went on.

It bothered me that I no longer felt that “connection”.  Looking back ,I feel that it was my complacency that caused the fading affection. While I know in my heart, He is right here with me and loves me always, I am not seeking Him like I did before.  You know when you first fall in love with someone? That feeling you get when you just can’t be around them enough, talk to them enough, be close to them enough?  It lasts for a while, then usually fades.

Learning to Grow in Him

But why does it fade? It is likely because we no longer seem interested in getting to know the person whom we were so enamored with just a short while ago. All the novelty has worn off. We get bored and we give up trying. The thing with Jesus is, we can never know all of Him in this lifetime. We can continually try seek Him and get to know Him. That is the joy of it. We should never get bored. Yet we as human beings do. We come to think of His interventions in our lives as expected and not appreciated. We literally begin to take God and all His goodness for granted.

Have you ever done that? I know I have. At this point I am longing for a new spark on my end of the relationship. And I know it is up to me. Jesus loves me with a never-ending, all consuming love. That hasn’t changed. I think I have just taken it for granted.

A song I heard a couple of years ago as part of a medley on the 2017 Stellar awards show, was by Jonathan Butler, called “Falling in Love with Jesus”.  When I first heard that song, it moved me so much. I’d like to share it with you.  I hope the following bless you as much as they have blessed me.

Below is a fabulous medley featuring Travis Green, Jonathan Reynolds, Jonathan Butler and Israel Houghton.

Below is the song “Falling in Love with Jesus” in it’s entirety.

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