How Setbacks Can Be a Set-up for Success


Encountering a Setback

Have you ever made a decision to do something positive for yourself or others? Making changes in your life and living fearlessly? You go along feeling good about what you are accomplishing then, BAM. You get blindsided with something that takes your breath away. It could be a bad medical diagnosis, a job loss, relationship issues, financial struggles. Whatever it is, it was something you didn’t expect or didn’t plan on.  The motivation you once had has either slowed or stopped completely.

Sometimes in life we experience setbacks. Take one step forward, then three steps back. It can seem as though getting ahead is impossible. I encourage you to stay the course. Eventually your forward steps will be greater than you backward steps. The times when you are tempted to quit, tempted to just forget about what you were trying to do, don’t. You can put your plan on hold for a minute or two if that is necessary, but don’t quit.


Take this time to re-evaluate and refocus your dream, your  goal, your motion.  Think about what was working before the setback. Identify those things. Then identify the things that weren’t working. Actions you took or words you spoke. Gain a new perspective.

 Move Forward

Begin again.  Take one step at a time and use what you have learned during the time of struggle to motivate you to move full steam ahead. View the setback as a set-up for success. Often times our greatest lessons come from failure, mistakes or any kind of setback. Keep pushing past the fear.

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