Praying and Fasting, Is This Something We Should Do?


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I have heard about the concept of prayer and fasting from scripture. I have witnessed people I know participate in this activity, annually for a specific length of time. I have never done this myself, however.  I have given up particular foods and such for lent. That was a type of fasting. But it wasn’t combined with prayer or intention.

Those who partake of this practice are convinced that it is a game changer for them. It bolsters their faith and enhances their spiritual growth. Some say it releases the power of God in a new way in their lives.  This year, the pastor of our church has given us a challenge to fast and pray for a 21 day period ending March 31.  The fasting doesn’t mean fast from all foods everyday. It can be whatever you choose. Fast from sun-up to sun-down. Or fast a particular meal or a particular food. Whatever it may be. But in conjunction with the fasting is the prayer. You don’t have to do it for a specific time frame. You can chose 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, whatever.

I have decided to do the 21 day fast. Since this process will be something new for me, I am seeking to gather information and guidance from scripture as well as others who have been doing this for a while.   Here are a few of the resources I am looking into to help me with this : Jentzen Franklin, Fasting,  John Piper,  A Hunger for God.  

While the fasting is going on, I am looking forward to the time spent in prayer. What will my prayers be at this time?  Will I indeed increase in faith?  I am hopeful that this will be an amazing spiritual time for me but at the same time, I am concerned if I will actually stick with it.  My motivation for things (especially pertaining to food) often wane over a short period of time.  I am planning on journaling as well during this time (another thing I have a hard time keeping up with). My fast will likely include skipping my evening snack (which has become a habit for me) or cutting out caffeine and chocolate, and I  will try to spend an allotted amount of prayer in its place.

With my new journey of trying to live life fearlessly, I am doing more and more to step out of my comfort zone. And I must say…this is one of those things. But with faith and trust in God, He will help me get through it and help me to  grow spiritually in the process.

Note: If you have health issues, please consult your doctor to be sure you fast in a way that is not harmful to you.


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