Doing Good for Others Provides Benefits for Us As Well

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on my Goals for the Month of January.  I had 3 goals in mind.

  1. Start up a Home Management Binder.   Did that.
  2. Start a new way to Save Money for Vacations.   Started that.
  3. Do 3 positive things to help others, habitually.  Ok…that one I am having a harder time with. I have decided on one of the things. Donate regularly to our church food bank.  But I still haven’t come up with the other 2 things. I am looking for inspiration.  Should it be something for a family member?  A friend? A stranger or an organization?


I just don’t know.  Until I figure something out, I will try to look for opportunities to be a blessing to those I come in contact with in some way. Whether it’s just saying something nice, flashing a smile or holding a door open.

I have heard numerous times that one way to help us to live our best lives is to be involved with others in a positive way. Give of ourselves to others. Time, money, encouragement, whatever it may be.  When we look for ways to be of service to others it takes the focus off of us and our problems, whether they are real or perceived. Doing good and helping someone else, blesses us as well as them.

Think about 2 people in your life who you could do something nice for.  The cashier at the grocery store who looks like she is having a bad day? Your sister-in-law who is struggling financially? Think of ways you can help them. Step out of your comfort zone and tell the cashier how much you like the necklace she has on. Or the color of her hair.  Give your sister-in-law some cash to help her out…a little or a lot…anonymously or upfront.  You get the picture.  Look for ways to do seemingly random acts of kindness.

By doing so, you step out of your comfort zone and work on living your life to the fullest. Making someone else’s day, makes your day too!

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